Upcoming reviews

  This page is for the perusal of authors, publishers and the blog tour hosts who have contacted me for the review. Here is the list of the books I have to review. If I missed out your book, kindly inform me.

Wealth wine women.man.life by Jyothirllatha Girija (Cyberwit.net)

Bharathi and her theory of everything by Anil C S Rao (Cyberwit.net)

Songs of the Cauvery by Kalyanaraman Durgadas (Rupa Publications )

Where the river parts by Radhika Swarup (Rupa Publications )

Spell of the tiger by SY Montgomery  (Rupa Publications )

Service goat by Piers Anthony(Dreaming big Publications)

The Three Wise Monkeys by Jeet Gian. ( Leadstart Publishing )

The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal (Rupa Publications )

Learning how to fly by A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (Rupa Publications )

Netaji- Live Dangerously by Kingshuk Nag (Rupa Publications )

More than madness by John Kaniecki(Dreaming big Publications)

Cooking for happiness by kornelia Santoro (HarperCollins)

 Weary Generations by Abdullah Hussein (HarperCollins)

The ethical doctor by Kamal Kumar (HarperCollins )

No matter what I do by Devenshi sharma (Srishti Publications)

Finding Juliet by Toffee  (Srishti Publications)

An Eye for An Eye My Love by Vibhor Tikiya  (Srishti Publications)