Upcoming reviews

  This page is for the perusal of authors, publishers and the blog tour hosts who have contacted me for the review. Here is the list of the books I have to review. If I missed out your book, kindly inform me.

Bharathi and her theory of everything by Anil C S Rao (Cyberwit.net)

Songs of the Cauvery by Kalyanaraman Durgadas (Rupa Publications) 

Where the river parts by Radhika Swarup (Rupa Publications )

Service goat by Piers Anthony(Dreaming big Publications)

The Three Wise Monkeys by Jeet Gian. ( Leadstart Publishing )

More than madness by John Kaniecki(Dreaming big Publications)

 Weary Generations by Abdullah Hussein (HarperCollins)

No matter what I do by Devenshi sharma (Srishti Publications)

Finding Juliet by Toffee  (Srishti Publications)

An Eye for An Eye My Love by Vibhor Tikiya  (Srishti Publications)

Love & Peace by Abhishek Kothari  (Srishti Publications)

The perfect murder by Ruskin Bond (Rupa Publications)

Shiva by Subhadra Sen Gupta (Red Turtle)

Million Memories by Pallavi Kodan (Patridge)

The Ultimate Public Speaking Survival Guide by Ramakrishna Reddy

Inside the heart of hope by Rishabh Puri (Srishti Publications)

Messed up!  But all for love by Aravind Parashar (Srishti Publications)