Upcoming reviews

  This page is for the perusal of authors, publishers and the blog tour hosts who have contacted me for the review. Here is the list of the books I have to review. If I missed out your book, kindly inform me.
  1. The Inheritors by Sonu Bhasin
  2. The Assasinations by  Vikram Kapur 
  3. Fear is the Key by  Juggi Bhasin 
  4. Seven Sixes Are Forty-three- Kiran Nagarkar 
  5. Islands in Flux: The Andaman and Nicobar Story by Pankaj Sekhsaria  
  6. No Presents Please: Mumbai Stories by Jayant KaikiniTejaswini Niranjana
  7. No Strings Attached by Sheila Kumar 
  8. Woman at the Window by Shoma Chatterji 
  9. Baaz by Anuja Chauhan 
  10. Aliyah: The Last Jew in The Village by Sethu
  11. Miss Laila, Armed and Dangerous by Manu Joseph
  12. Two by Gulzar 
  13. The Nine-Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat 
  14. 14 : Stories That Inspired Satyajit Ray by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay
  15. Shadows of the departed by Abhik Chakraborty 
  16.  Lori by Charlene Wexler
  17. Elephants in the room by Charlene Wexler
  18. Happiness is all we want by Ashutosh Mishra (Bloomsbury)
  19. Intimacy on the plate by Olga Petrenko  (Author), Gregory Diehl (Narrator)
  20. The Sword with the Ruby Hilt by Mrudula Govindaraju 
  21. Castles in the air by Sangeet Sharma ( Rumour Books)
  22. Keeping up with Kaneda by Gaurav Kumar ( Srishti Publications)
  23. The One Hour Business Plan by John McAdam (Wiley India)
  24. I am Albert Elllis byDr. Anjali Joshi ( Leadstart Publishing)
  25. Songs of the Cauvery by Kalyanaraman 
  26. Durgadas (Rupa Publications) 
  27. Where the river parts by Radhika Swarup (Rupa Publications )
  28. Excellence by Virender Kapoor (Rupa Publications)
  29. Mahatma Pitch by Kausik Bandopadhyay (Rupa Publications)
  30. Let Him Sink by Samir Parikh (Rupa Publications)
  31. The Jasmine Bloom by Rajat Narula (Srishti Publications)
  32. Will Power by Ros Taylor (Wiley India)
  33. Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan (Wiley India)
  34. Fairy Tale by Danielle Steel (Pan MacMillan
  35.  Tell Tale by Jeffrey Archer (Pan MacMillan)
  36. The Right Time by Danielle Steel(Pan MacMillan)
  37. Different Beads of the same string by Sujay Malik (Notion Press)
  38. Boy No.32 by Venita Coelho (Scholastic)
  39. Sukh aur sehat ka swad by Isha Foundation  (Harper Collins) 
  40. Dark star- The loneliness of being Rajesh Khanna (Harper Collins) 
  41. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda (Rupa Publications)
  42. When Karma goes upside down by Dishant:Huria (Srishti Publications)
  43. The one from the stars by Keshav Aneel (Srishti Publications)
  44. Mad Country by Samarth Upadhyay (Rupa Publications)
  45. The Searcher by Chris Morgan Jones (Pan Macmillan)