Wiley Innovation Black Book- Analysis


Innovation Black book is one book that is the most relevant in the current scenario. 15 Top industry leaders provide the snippets of innovation through revolutionary technology. The book is one piece that enables us in reaping new opportunities and tackling new challenges

In future automation is expected to be smart and coverend-to-end network, including backhaul communication.

In an era where businesses are crafted around technology, building technology for business has become obsolete. The major idea of the book is to enable us to deal with business in the world of  Industry 4.0. 

In essence, annual editions of Wiley Innovation Black Book On Exponential Technologies promise to be a recommended reference template that attempts to track the evolution and adoption of exponential technologies year on year.
The prevalent idea in the whole books is the level of influence that AI has in our lives and how it has become inherent part of human lives in general and how it could be used productively and simultaneously cut down the negative traits through regulation.
Machine learning algorithms can be used to repurpose drugs faster and at lower costs.

Overall the book is relevant, engaging, informative, and a must read for not only the people related business but also every laymen.

Thanks Wiley India for the Review Copy.