Friday, March 31, 2017

Book Spotlight - Season of Hope

When Amanda Jarvis prays that a special friend will move into the vacant house near her isolated mountain home, she isn't upset when God sends a boy instead of a girl. But Amanda's not the only one receiving unexpected answers to her prayers. After fleeing with his mother from an abusive father, Tyler Armstrong finds much-needed love and acceptance with Amanda’s family over the next ten years.

​As high school graduation nears, Tyler is shocked when one carefree afternoon with Amanda churns up an inner turmoil he would have never imagined; he’s crushing on his best friend. And for the first time in his life he’s hiding a secret from Amanda. Convinced the timing is all wrong, Tyler pushes his feelings aside as he and Amanda prepare for the future. He will soon begin training to pursue his dream of becoming a Navy Seal, while Amanda makes plans to spend the summer in Manhattan with her aunt and then return home to the community college.

​When Amanda’s summer job catapults her into a modeling career, she readily accepts the much-needed distraction. Tyler’s impending deployment is turning her world upside down. Along with the fact that she’s falling for her best friend. And, for the first time in her relationship with Tyler, she’s hiding a secret, too.

​Phoebe Garrison, Amanda’s controlling aunt, is thrilled when she is given the power to act on behalf of her underage niece. Bored with her Fortune 500 advertising agency, becoming Amanda’s manager is just what she's been looking for to rekindle her aspirations. But as Tyler becomes aware of Phoebe’s obsession to push Amanda into supermodel status, tensions rise. As the three of them become entangled in a mass of concealed ambition and desire, each will make decisions that will send ripples of turbulence across their futures.

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Author's Bio:

I began writing as a hobby while raising my two children. In 2015, I dusted off my stories and my dreams to see if I could turn my hobby into a career. My first story, Season of Hope, was inspired by summer vacations which always included a trip to Franklin, North Carolina, to visit family and explore The Smoky Mountains. When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with family and most anything that involves being outdoors, especially camping and hiking. I currently live along the Emerald Coast of Florida and never complain about the hot, humid summers, because that's exactly how I like them! ​

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Giveaway Contest -Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

Last week I had apprised you about the Giveaway contest of Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

Here I am with the set of questions. You don't have to do much. 
-Just answer the questions 
- Share this post on your page
You can either answer the questions in the comment box below, or message me or e-mail me

Winner will get a copy of Dangerous Games

Impatient for the questions? ? Here we go

Q1.What’s the crime location in Danielle Steel’s Dangerous Games?

A. Airport
B. White House
C. Church

Q2. Which country has Danielle set her novel, Dangerous Games?

A. India
B. Poland
C. United States of America

Q3. What’s the profession of the protagonist Alix Philips inDangerous Games?

A. Actress
B. Television Correspondent 
C. Home Maker

Quite easy questions, aren't  they? So what are you waiting for? Share you answers ASAP and grab your copy.

*If there are more than one right answers, winner will be selected randomly. The decision made by the selector will be final.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Not Just Another Story by Subhash Chandra -Review

Book Name         - Not Just Another Story
Author                  - Subhash Chandra
Publisher              - Lifi Publications 
Number of Pages -170
Publishing Year   - 2017
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     -225

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

The deep realities of life are bizarre. Coming face to face with the demons is a painful task for the writer as well as readers. It is like jointly facing the trouble and suffering the trauma. Not Just Another Story is an anthology of seventeen heartmelting , painful, yet close to heart stories.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spell of Tiger by SY Montgomery -Review

Book Name         - Spell of the Tiger
Author                  - SY Montgomery 
Publisher              - Rupa Publications
Number of Pages - 250
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     -399

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Rating : 4.5

My Review
After reading Man eaters of Kumaon, I was wondering if ever I could lay my hands on any book which is as engrossing and appealing as that. But yea, Montgomery proved to the world that there is nothing as ultimate. There is always a chance for more.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal- Review

Book Name         - Four Patriots
Author                  - Sumit Agarwal
Publisher              - Rupa Publications
Number of Pages - 306
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     - 250

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

Varun, an NRI software engineer; Salman, CEO of Coffee Moments; Raghav, a virtuous politician and Aditya, an altruistic businessman, under the guidance of Dr. Sabarwal brings the change that we carelessly branded as impossible.  The plot sprouts with the tale of four boys, who are crestfallen with the lack of system and moreover absence of governance. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

India by Debra Schoenberger-Review

Book Name         - India
Author                  - Debra Schoenberger
Publisher              -
Number of Pages - 168
Publishing Year   - 2017
Edition                  - Hardcover
Price                     -$81.07

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Rating : 3.0

My Review

When I was first asked to review the book, I thought it would be an easy task by just going through the pictures. But to my astonishment, those were no just pictures. Those were stories. Each picture tells us different stories.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Book Spotlight and Author Interview- Xenogenic by Lance Erlick

Book Description:

Xenogeneic is a science fiction thriller about first contact with an alien race that lost their civil war and wants to take over Earth.

Dr. Elena Pyetrov’s father vanished in space 18 years ago while searching for extraterrestrial life. As an aerospace engineer, Elena travels into space to search for answers and continue his work. Her ship is pulled off course and crashes. She suspects extraterrestrial interference.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Kissing the Demon by Amrita Kumar-Review

Book Name         - Kissing the Demon
Author                  - Amrita Kumar
Publisher              - HarperCollins
Number of Pages - 268
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     - 350

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

The first thought that came to my mind after reading the book was 'I wish if I had this book before I published my debut novel. Because if had, I wouldn't have made the mistakes. If you are planning to write a book you should grab this one to channelize your literary prowess.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Voting at Fosterganj by Ruskin Bond -Review

Book Name         - Voting at Fosterganj
Author                  - Ruskin Bond
Publisher              - Rupa Publications 
Number of Pages - 123
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     - 195

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

Voting at Fosterganj is an anthology comprising of 17 stories. Most of the stories, as author mentions, had characters which appear in his book 'Tales of Fosterganj'. Ruskin bond had proved his talent in portraying the lives of small towns on large platforms. This book is also an out and out witty Ruskin Bond work.

Book Spotlight- A Way Back Into Love by Veronica Thatcher

Title: A Way Back into Love

Author: Veronica Thatcher

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Notion Press

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cooking for happiness by Kornelia Santoro- Review

Book Name         - Cooking for happiness 
Author                  - Kornelia Santoro
Publisher              - HarperCollins
Number of Pages -336
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     -399

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Rating : 5.0

My Review

It's a fast era. Everything is fast. Fast cars, fast bikes, fast phones, fast WiFi,fast channels, FAST FOOD.  While running around to make a living, we forget to live, end end up being unhappy and even depressed. Cornelia Santoro, with her book tells us how to defeat depression through food.

Friday, March 10, 2017

How to find your dream dog by Dixie Tenny review and Giveaway

Book Name         - How to find your dream dog
Author                  - Dixie Tenny
Publisher              - Self published
Number of Pages -140
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Kindle
Price                     -$3.98

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Rating : 4.5

In conversation with Dixie Tenny

Today I have with me the author who introduced the different types of dogs to the dog loving readers. In conversation with Dixie Tenny , author of How to find your dream dog.

Welcome to my virtual tete a tete Dixie.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

An Empty Coast by Tony Park- Review

Book Name         - An empty coast
Author                  - Tony park 
Publisher              - Pan Macmillan 
Number of Pages - 480
Publishing Year   - 201
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     -

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

It's always refreshing to have a pump of adrenaline while watching action packed movies. To deliver same efficacy in words is not everyone's cup of tea. Tony Park is one writer who is blessed with the capability. The empty coast is an action packed thriller edge-of-the-seat thriller.

~ Cover Reveal~
9th March, 2017

Danielle Steel is the biggest selling living fiction author in the world
Global sales approaching 1 billion copies
80 titles across 69 countries in 45 languages
No. 1 International bestseller in all formats

About the Book:
Dangerous Games

Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel tears down the walls of power at the heart of the White House in the thrilling Dangerous Games.
Television correspondent Alix Phillips dodges bullets and breaks rules to bring the most important news to the world. With her daughter in college, and working alongside cameraman Ben Chapman, an ex-Navy Seal, Alix exhilarates in the risks and whirlwind pace of her work. But her latest assignment puts her at the center of an explosive story that will reshape many lives, including her own: investigating damning allegations involving the vice president of the United States, Tony Clark.
Alix starts with a nationally revered woman who may be the key to exposing frightening secrets. Olympia Foster is the fragile, reclusive widow of America's most admired senator, who had been destined for the presidency before an assassin's bullet felled him. Since then, Olympia has found emotional support in Clark, who once wanted her as his wife and now stands as her protector and confidant. When Alix begins to dig deeper, federal agents pick up the trail. Then the threats begin.
As the stakes rise in this dangerous game, Alix needs Ben's help as never before. Soon they realize they are grappling with an adversary far more sinister than they had imagined . . . she returns home... to the man she left behind?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The monsoon murders by Karan Paramanandka - Review

Book Name         - The Monsoon Murders
Author                  - Karan Paramanandka
Publisher              - Srishti Publications 
Number of Pages - 200
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     - 195

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Rating : 4.0

All that glitters by Lisa Trevino

~ All That Glitters by Liza Treviño ~
Book Tour - 1st to 10th March

Book Details:

Title: All That Glitters - A Tale of Sex, Drugs and Hollywood Dreams
Author: Liza Treviño
Genre: Women’s Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Koehler Books 
Published Date: March 1, 2017
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1633933083
ISBN-13: 978-1633933088

Book Links:

Alexandria Moreno—clever, sexy, ambitious and, at times, self-destructive. She blazes a path from Texas to Los Angeles at the dawn of the 1980s to make her dreams of becoming an A-list Hollywood film director come true. She and her best friend arrive in Los Angeles with little more than hope and the determination to make it big. Alex, a beauty as dark and mysterious as her scarred heart, stands at the bottom of the Hollywood mountain looking up, fighting for her chance to climb to the top. Will her quest to live fast and take no prisoners on her way to success destroy her in the end?

All That Glitters is a women’s fiction Jackie Collins-type saga that introduces a strong, driven Latina heroine at the center of a rags-to-riches story spanning a decade of action. Along the way, Alexandria walks the fine line separating ambition and self-destruction, and discovers that some sacrifices will cost her everything.