Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sonu's Adventures by Hemdiva Dev-Review

Book Name         - Sonu' s Adventures 
Author                  - Hemdiva Dev
Publisher              - Self-published 
Number of Pages -1825 KB
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Kindle
Price                     - 51

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Rating : 3.5

Monday, January 30, 2017

Neon Noon by Tanuj Solanki-Review

Book Name         - Neon Noon
Author                  - Tanuj Solanki
Publisher              - HarperCollins
Number of Pages - 224
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Hardback 
Price                     - 499

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

A poetic novel that spreads the intellectual wave of romantic experience of the protagonist. The protagonist T's long and short relations bring forward a new reading experience. Almost coital relation with the first woman who finds put the importance of Anne Marie, his literary, intellectual and romantic  relation with Anne Marie,  his foray through the brothels of Pattaya, unexpected encounter with Noon,

This book is a quintessential example of what is called uniqueness. The poetic narration hooks the reader to the book. It moves the reader emotionally and psychologically. Solanki's expertise in literature is speaking loudly throughout the book. He introduces the readers to a lot of classics. What surprised me the most was the fact that author pulled off the romance between a writer and a prostitute without a tinge of erotica. The part of Orphan is metaphoric and ambiguous.

Much effort has not been invested in character craft especially the protagonist. Nevertheless this cannot be counted as a drawback since on completing the book, we realize that story is the protagonist. 
My verdict: The story manipulates the intellect of the readers magically

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

About the author

Tanuj Solanki lives in Mumbai. His short fiction has appeared in the Caravan, DNA, Hindu Business Line, Out of Print and numerous other publications. He's a Pushcart nominee and a two-time runner-up in the DNA-Out of Print short fiction contest. He is also the founder of the Bombay Literary Magazine. His second book, a collection of short stories, is due in 2017.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pound of flesh by Mukul Deva- Review

Book Name         -Pound of flesh
Author                  - Mukul Deva
Publisher              -Westland books 
Number of Pages -484
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     -350
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Rating : 3.5

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I'd rather read by Favourite authors-Review

Book Name         -I'd rather read
Author                  - Favourite authors
Publisher              - Red turtle (Rupa Publications )
Number of Pages -115
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     -150
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Rating : 5.0

Monday, January 16, 2017

Nick and Tesla's Danger lab by Pflugfelder and Jockensmith

Book Name         - Nick Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab
Author                  - Pflugfelder and Hockensmith
Publisher              - Rupa Publications
Number of Pages -240
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback
Price                     - 295

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

Nick and Tesla are sent to spend their vacation with uncle Newt who is brilliantly eccentric and hopelessly unpredictable. The condition of the house leaves the kids wondering why exactly did their parents send them to the most irresponsible person.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Book Spotlight and Giveaway- Let's hug: 15 hugs for beginners

Book Description for Let’s Hug: 15 Hugs for Beginners:

There must be over a millions ways to say "I love you" or "I care about you", but with a single hug, even without words, you can simply feel it. This book is for toddlers, and encourages children and adults alike to try out all possible types of hugs. It's everyone's gain.
It took seconds for the sweet testers who accompanied the writing of this book to adopt these 15 ways of showing love, to give and receive it. And our testers are not alone. Recent studies reveal that Oxitocin, the most fun hormone available, also known as the Love Hormone, is released into our bodies when we hug.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A walk in the rain by Uday Yadla- Review

Book Name         - A walk in the rain
Author                  - Uday Yadla
Publisher              - Kyron Publication 
Number of Pages -240 
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback 
Price                     -199

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Rating : 3.0

Thursday, January 12, 2017

This was a man by Jeffrey Archer -Review

Book Name         - This was a man
Author                  - Jeffrey Archer
Publisher              - Pan Macmillan
Number of Pages -400
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     - 599

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

While reading the book I wanted to see if the author has reserved the best to the last. Unfortunately I had two opinions of the same. Is the book bad?? No. It is an entertainer slithering the plot through cliffhangers. Is it a bang on perfect book to end the Clifton chronicles? I don't think so. Author himself has set the benchmark so high that readers expect nothing less than perfect. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Disruption by Chuck Barrett- Review

Book Name         - Disruption 
Author                  - Chuck Barret
Publisher              - Switchback Press
Number of Pages - 1497KB
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  -Kindle
Price                     -$3.97

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Rating : 4.0

Cover Reveal-A way back into love by Veronica Thatcher

~ Cover Reveal ~
A Way Back Into Love by Veronica Thatcher
5th January, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Joanna Patterson gets candid

Hi everyone 

You guys missed me? I have been slow with the reviews and hence the lag in the posts. Nevertheless I have been trying to update the blog as much as possible. Today I am not here with my post. Another person with enlight you with her guest post. Who is that? Surprise 
Do read further to get to know it. HERE WE GO.......