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Review of The Claim by Sanjay Bordia

Book Name         - The Claim

Author                  - Sanjay Bordia

Publisher              - Frog Books

Number of Pages - 226

Publishing Year   - 2016

Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 4.5


"The recent foray of '3M Chandani Group' into the life insurance sector is besieged with a large insurance claim. All evidence and documents are in order but there is an eerie feeling that something is not right. The case lands on the table of 'Mohan Mohanty', the ace internal auditor of the group. Will Mohan be able to unearth the truth? Laila and Iceberg, two trusted assistants of Mohan, are confident that with Mohan at the helm, truth need not worry. The investigation takes Mohan and his team to a village hospital where the compounder Tara Nath fixes the posting of doctors. The team of auditors meets Madan Prasad, a sculptor who creates wax statutes which can chase London's Madam Tussaud out of business. The team has to find out whether branch manager, Sunil Shinde, is a victim or a culprit. Time is running out since the Mehra family, the parents and brother of the deceased, are threatening to go to the media and the courts, if the settlement of the insurance claim is delayed further. Mohan has to act fast and come out with clinching evidence or pay the insurance claim of Rs. 10 Crore. An interesting story of an auditor, who investigates frauds in corporate world. CA Kirit Somaiya, Member of Parliament from Mumbai North-East Read it just for the sake of knowing the suspense and adventure in the world of a Chartered Accountant. CA Uttam Prakash Agarwal, Ex-President. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India A pleasurable read from a debut writer.......Looking forward to more from you Sanjay..... Manish Mundra, Producer of International Award winning films, Aankho Dekhi and Masaan Fascinating debut..... Vish Dhamija, writer of best-selling books, Nothing lasts forever and Bhendi Bazar Riveting story of the mundane world of Chartered Accountants. Sanjay takes us into the murky world of modern finance in a profoundly humorous way. CA M R Venkatesh, Leading commentator on financial matters and author of 'A decade of decay'. The characters are well developed. I was immediately pulled into their world and enjoyed every second of the journey as they race against time. CA Vivek Falod, 39th rank in CA Final-May' 2014 It is an interesting story of three Chartered Accountants........Funny, Adventurous and full of Suspense. CS & CA Aditya Birla, 22nd rank in CS foundation"

My Review

Seems like Leadstart got their next Anand Neelakantan. Yes,I mean it. The book is a perfect bestseller material. With the solid plot, author has proved that he has the potential to give the contemporaries a run for their money.

The book introduced me to a new world of investigative auditing.  A hint here and there about the malpractices happening in the statements, makes the reader think of the current scenario. The book is an eye opener for those who tend become the prey of the stock market cons. Author has taken great care in narration that the laymen can understand the complexities in tax and auditing. 

The plot is quite solid with twists and turn in the right meter. The book is a quintessential example of sincere narration with conviction. Shall we call him 'Indian John Grisham?' Well, I think so. 

Characters development is steady and complete. The story is fast paced which in turn compels the readers to go on and on. I can't wait to lay my hands on his next book. I did not want the book to end. This best thriller novel that I have ever read of an Indian Author. 

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

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As Boys become men by Mukul Kumar

Book Name         - As Boys become men

Author                  - Mukul Kumar
  Publisher              - Rupa Publications

Number of Pages - 232

Publishing Year   - 2016

Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 4.0


Freedom, friends and fun. That’s how most of us remember our college years. But for those studying to get into the coveted Indian Civil Services, college life acquires an additional layer. As Boys Become Men revolves around three such boys, Mihir, Uday and Sandeep, who set out together to crack the Civil Services exam. Narrated by the thoughtful and intense Mihir, this book explores college life, friendship, romance, leaving home and adjusting to a new environment, and describes how negotiating the path between dharma and desire, love and lust, can be tricky.

A sparkling story of the bond between a boisterous trio, the book will take you on a journey of discovery, where boys become men, and students become civil servants. In the course the book also ends up telling us what not to do when writing the Civil Services exam. A slice-of-life tale with a ‘Mona Lisa’ flavour that offers fun and romance aplenty, this book also imparts philosophical truths that will help every young person out to discover life.

My Review

Lives of civil servants is a field that has not been reaped much in the literature world. As boys become men is a brimful account of the journey to the bureaucracy and thereafter. Lives of CS has always been topics of interest to the laymen. There has always been a curiosity to know how they study, how the course will be, how their lives with their friends will be, how difficult the journey would be ! There has been a wave of jealousy towards the ones who could pass through the peephole of exams and interview. But little was thought after about how they handle the pressure which accompanies the power. 

There were so many philosophical tete-a-tete moments between friends in the book. A lot of different ideas were instilled in the minds of the readers. But somewhere these conversations seemed forced. Nevertheless, it is good to see that author portrayed a different dimension of boys' lives other than the cliched ogling at girls, drinking and smoking. 

The book is an asset for the aspiring students. It is an entertainer for those who are looking for a story with substance. The pace of the story is slow. Don't read the book expecting hardcore fun. It is more of reality. The authenticity of the story and the events cannot be doubted since the author himself is a civil servant who studies in Kirori Mal College where the story revolves around. So I would like to view the book as a fictional adaptation of an autobiographical account.

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Mukul Kumar is a civil servant belonging to the 1997 batch. An Indian Railway Traffic officer, he is presently working in the Ministry of Railways, New Delhi. He has studied humanities from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. He also writes poetry in English. The anthology of his English poems titled The Irrepressible Echoes was published in 2012. He has also been awarded the Life Membership of the Poetry Society (India). As Boys Become Men marks his debut as a novelist.

Interview with Shivangi Sharma author of I made a booboo

Hi everyone

Today I have someone whom I can relate to and empathize with. A mother, writer, SAHM.
I am not an SAHM anymore! I wasn’t working for a bit when my son was born, but resumed work later J
Well That’s also great J
Welcome Shivangi Sharma, author of I made a booboo to my virtual teté-a-teté

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I was born and brought up in Chandigarh, India. I studied Engineering, worked for a bit in IT, and then went on to do MBA from ISB Hyderabad – following the very logical sequence of things. After MBA I moved out of India for work, got married, and have lived in 3 different countries in last 8 years. Right now, I live in Amsterdam, with my husband and 3.5 year old son and I work as a marketing manager. In some spare moments that I get, I write, sing, dance, and practice yoga and meditation among other things.

When I read the blurb and title, I myself asked for the book to review because the title was so catchy. How did the title emerge?
Well, my husband suggested the title and it immediately clicked with me. I have also given credit for that to him in the book. I wanted it to be something that immediately associates with children, parenting, and the fact that this is a humorous, real book and not a guidebook on parenting. Therefore, it goes well with the subject of the book, as booboo means a silly mistake or a goof up. And that is what this book is about – the reality of parenting, all the mistakes I did, all the booboos I made. So I am the booboo maker in the book J

\How did you manage the time to write the book?
I used to write when I was on a career break after the birth of my son. The time he used to nap in the day or late in nights when he was sleeping, I would dedicate a few hours every day. On weekends when husband was home, I would get a little more time to write. But I was constantly thinking about the book even when not writing, so I used to scribble down on paper napkins or post its whenever a thought came rushing to my head. I had joined work before I got the publishing offer, so I did a lot of editing work on trains and flights when I was travelling for work. The passion to write this was strong that I didn’t have to force myself to make time for it. In any spare moment that I’d get, I would only write and do nothing else, even if that meant writing only two sentences on some days.

How did you manage to control your anger? I mean I have always been roaring like an ogre. :-P
Haha, well I don’t anger very easily anyway. But yes I used to get stressed, irritated and feel helpless. But if I would ever lose my calm, the guilt after that would be so huge that I would be very conscious the next time. I learnt to laugh away at everything pretty quickly, a result of which is this book. Writing was my outlet for all emotions. Parenting gives you a very important lesson that there is hardly anything in this world that is under your control. So if the baby is not sleepy when you are, what can you ever do about it? You can’t force him to sleep or to do anything else you want. Once you realize that, you just let things be as they are and don’t get perturbed by them.

Does he know that you wrote a book about him?
He does know it is ‘mama and baby’s book’ and he recognizes that wherever he sees it. He knows the name of the book too. But he doesn’t really understand the concept of me writing a book about him and his mama. The book doesn’t even have any pictures (except for some icons at the beginning of each chapter), so it hardly interests him right now!

The most important question. What is your tuty fruity’s name?

Cute name. As cute as your son.

Well, coming back to writing; what are your ambitions for your writing career?
I never want to stop writing, because that is where I truly connect with myself. My biggest dream is to write a life-changing book, one that can help millions of people and that stays with them forever. It may not happen soon, may not happen at all, but that is what I wish for. Let’s see!

So, what have you written?
Before ‘I made a booboo’, I co-wrote a travel anthology titled ‘Dutched up’ about expat living in the Netherlands. It is a collection of real life stories, and I have one in that titled ‘A love affair called Amsterdam’. The book was rated among top travel books of 2014 by the Wall Street Journal Blog. I have also written for Mother’s World, Amsterdam Mamas and Women’s Web. I now also write on my blog

What are you working on at the minute?
I sort of half-wrote a book a while back but couldn’t pursue it further. I started another one in the genre of romantic fiction. But I am still not sure which one to get on with further. I don’t want to write just for the heck of getting my second book out. There are millions of books coming out every day, so only when I think I have a story to tell very strongly I will take it up.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
Not really. My work has been very demanding lately so I haven’t done much writing and also I am very busy promoting my current book. But when I get in the flow of writing, I generally write late nights and weekend afternoons. So I will be back to that rhythm pretty soon.

How was your publishing experience?
Easy peasy, thankfully. I went via the normal route of sending in my proposal to a few renowned publishers in India, exactly the way they had listed on their websites. Within four months of submission, I had a nod of approval. After that it took over one year for the book to come out while going through the process of editing, proofreading, cover design etc.

Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?
Please listen to Rakhi’s advice and read my book! And once you have, please let me know what you thought of it. It should interest you even if you are not a parent. But parents would definitely find a lot to relate to and laugh at.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?



Facebook: Shivangi Sharma


Thanks a lot Shivangi, for taking time out from your demanding, job, son and life in general. All the best for your book

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All about you by Nikita Dudani and Puneet Aggarwal

Book Name         - All about you

Author                  - Nikita Dudani and Puneet Aggarwal

Publisher              -

Number of Pages -  85

Publishing Year   - 2016

Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 3.0


All About You' is a collection of short stories from Dr. Puneet Aggarwal and Nikita Dudani. They are momentary stories on love and relationships. It is a take on today's fragile relationships and commitments; which looks hard to do but actually is very easy to give. Every story brings its own fragrance of new love and world of characters which leave you contemplating about modern age relationships

My Review

All about love is an anthology of short stories by Puneet Aggarwal and Nikita Dudani. The book  is bifurcated into two sections. Part one is the collection of stories by Nikita Dudani and part two by Puneet Aggarwal. 

The stories in part one are simple and shallow. Though there were some thought provoking subjects in some of the stories, the storyline failed to maintain the convey the right message. Some of the stories were micro stories. The stories are all easy read and will be interesting for the readers who have a zeal for simple easy reads. Like a collection of blog posts. For the first part I would give a rating of 2.5 stars.

The stories in the part two were comparatively deep and engaging. They targets the prejudistic, judgemental, opportunistic and fragile societal relations. Author succeeded in inciting the interest in the readers. The topic of each story was one different from the other. I would give a rating of 3.5 for part two.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Nikita Dudani did her M.A in English Literature. She works as an independent freelancer content and copywriter. Some of her articles have been published in leading dailies such as Ahmedabad Mirror, DNA, Femina Gujarat Special, Ahmedabad Blog, and Times Food Guide 2015. She has been writing stories and poems since her childhood. For her, weaving stories is all that she knows. She believes that her life is a story, whose bits and pieces she is putting together every day. With this, she is an avid blogger who blogs about everything under the sun. She is also a Tarot Reader, Reiki Therapist, Foodie, and a luxurious traveler.

Dr Puneet Aggarwal, a student of Medicine & Faculty in Medical Sciences is based in Ahmedabad for last 13 years. He is an avid blogger, photographer and writer. His first book, titled Voices & Vices came out in 2013. After that, he has been published into various national and international anthology including The Dance of Peacock . This book is a compilation of his understanding of the human relationships and mutual establishments. His stories shall connect you to the personal experiences of common day occurrences and leave you pondering the reality in illusion.

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Review of I made a booboo by Shivangi Sharma

Book Name         - I made a booboo

Author                  - Shivangi Sharma

Publisher              - Rupa Publications

Number of Pages - 208

Publishing Year   - 2016

Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 5.0

Once upon a time there was a woman who used to sleep eight hours a day and laze around on weekends. Her clothes were mostly free of gross body fluids and her bag rarely had biscuit crumbs. Then she decided to have a baby. With books and the internet for friends - and a husband who answered commonsensically - she thought she had it all sorted. But then her baby arrived, and turned everything upside down! The baby made it his mission to present a new surprise every day. Mommy, after fighting hours of helplessness, came to learn that parenting was a lost battle. There was only one way to survive - keep calm, laugh on and write when the baby dozes. The result : I made a Booboo, a rollicking account of the trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs of a first-time mom. P.S: Everyone did live happily ever after (albeit only when the baby willed so).

My Review

The review might be biased since I am a mother. Yes I mean it! Every mother will relate to this book lest they are blessed with obedient, well behaved and soft children.
Shivangi shares her experience as a first time mother- the mistakes, the blunders, which are funny, interesting and frustrating at the same time.

Every single word reminded me of how I tackled my first child.  Starting with finding answers from google about child behavior and failing miserably, being embarrassed by the tantrums the throw in public, and what not. I am short of words while writing the review since I don't know how to assess the book. I am not writing much. Just the following words describe the book.

The book targets, 1. every mother who had a hyperactive/ highly active child, deprived of sleep
                                   2. Every wannabe mothers who think that I will not bring up my child like this while seeing a naughty, disobedient brat.
                                  3. Every pregnant ladies or going to be pregnant ladies who think that the  vitual mother community will help you raise your child.

                                  4. Everyone in the male species who think that looking after a child is easy job.

                                  5. Every man who have helped his wife handle their child.

The above category is irrespective of age

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Shivangi Sharma, a Marketing professional with an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad, has co-authored an anthology titled Dutched Up (rated among top travel books of 2015 by the WSJ) and has written for Mother's World, a popular parenting magazine. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband who plays way more sports than a normal wife can be okay with, and her son, who rarely listens to her. To maintain her sanity through it all, she performs as part of a professional Bollywood dance troupe in different European cities, and indulges in yoga, spirituality and music at home.

The Great Indian Wedding Conspiracy by Sreeju Sudhakaran

Book Name         - The Great Indian Wedding Conspiracy

Author                  - Sreeju Sudhakaran

Publisher              -  Leadstart Publishing

Number of Pages - 351 Pages

Publishing Year   - 2016

Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 4.0


The Puyickal family, a reputed Mallu clan based in Mumbai, is going through a huge crisis. 

One of their younger scions, Neeraja wants to marry her Punjabi boyfriend. 

Her father wants to hear none of it. 

Her aunts would rather die than allow it. 

Her uncles don’t care a damn about it. 

And her poor cousin's idyllic existence is screwed by it… 

Arjun never wanted to have anything to do with his distant and more successful cousin; Neeraja. However, her decision to marry a non-Mallu, an unheard-of scandal in her family, changes his life forever. Forced to take part in the family ‘discussions’ by his mother, he tries to devise ways to get out of this mess, when he finds out Neeraja’s beau’s sister is his college crush. Desiring to win her back, he realizes it can only happen if Neeraja gets married to her boyfriend. With no option left, he forms an uneasy alliance with his hateful cousin, as they work in tandem to emotionally manipulate the elders into making this marriage happen… until one day, a dark secret gets revealed that threatens to unravel all their efforts…

My Review

A Mallu- Punju love story reminded me of 2 states, when I read the one liner but it is nowhere similar to 2 states. There are no filmy sequences, 'no love you', 'you are my life chants', yet conveys the pure emotion of love and affection. The story is about how the protagonist, Arjun is dragged into the family drama. His initial reluctance and lack of interest gives way to active involvement in binding the two love birds in a knot. His college time fling/ crush is the prospected groom's sister. While the scenario unfolds, it took me to some movie or book with quite similar story line but I could not recollect which one. There are a lot of drama and twists in the story. There has not been a lot of books which portrays the Malayali lives. Being a Malayali myself I was able to relate with it easily.  But he sarcasm was a little over the top sometime. Not all mallu's are selfish, narrow-minded and opportunists. The highlight of the book is the narration. The first person narrative of Arjun is quirky, snappy, and will glue the reader to the book.

The twist in the end lacked conviction. I have always wondered why the authors make it a point that there is atleast a single scene of love making in the story like taking a tablet. Well' I wouldn't count it as a negative but again without that part also the story would be interesting and the intentions of the female protagonist could have appeared purer.

If you are tired of the daily dose of puppy love stories, if you love drama, if you love twists, twists and more twists, you will love this book.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

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English Translation of the Tamil Naaladiyar by Jyothirllatha Girija

Book Name - English Translation of the Tamil Naaladiyar
Author                  - Jyothirllatha Girija
Publisher              -
Number of Pages - 216
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 4.5


The Tamil Naaladiyaar comprises four hundred quatrains containing instructions to humanity for a blameless behaviour, stressing on morality. This great work was created in the 7th century, according to learned researchers. Like Thirukkural this work is also divided into three parts - Virtue, Wealth and (Man-to-woman) Love. These four hundred quatrains are contained in forty chapters, each one of them comprising ten quatrains as the Thirukkural pattern. This is the creation of several poets whose names are not known except that they were Jain Saints. 

My Review

I have always wanted to read Thiruvalluvar and Naaladiyar, all through my life. I have tried to learn Tamil to enable myself to read these scriptures. But I realized that the letters which I learned were not enough to imbibe the depth of the books. Sadly, I abolished the mission.

When I got the English translation of Naaladiyar, I was shell shocked with excitement. I was wondering how the book reached me for a review.

Translator has done a fantastic job. Along with the English translation, the explanation of the quatrains is also provided. The scripture written centuries ago is relevant even now. I have bookmarked the chapter 'patience'. I am sure that by reading it again and again I will definitely be able to attain the level of patience which I would never be able to attain otherwise.

I would like to that for providing me this informative and fantastic book treasure.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Born in 1935, Jyothirllata Girija started writing in Tamil for children first in 1950 and then was introduced as an adults’ writer by ANANDA VIKATAN in 1968.  She has more than 500 short stories, 25 novels, 50 novellas, 3 full-length plays, several articles on social issues, translation of major part in Tamil of Kiran Bedi’s As I see it etc. to her credit.
She has won 20 awards so far for her Tamil creations. Her teen-agers’ novel which already won an award in Tamil Nadu was translated in Ukraine and released during the Festival of India in Moscow in 1987.
As for her creations in English, introduced by Vimla Patil of Femina in 1975, she has written about 36 short stories in the Indian periodicals – THE ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY OF INDIA, FEMINA, EVE’s WEEKLY, PRATIBHA INDIA, YOUR FAMILY, FICTION REVIEW, WOMAN’S ERA, MOVIELAND (MALAYSIA), THE SUNDAY (INDIAN) EXPRESS, THE WEEK END and EVE’S TOUCH. 
Several articles on social and political issues in ALIVE and OPEN PAGE in THE HINDU.
Long rhyming poems in couplets that were serialized in POET, Chennai - edited by late Dr. Krishna Srinivas - viz. Ramayana in Rhymes, The Story of Jesus Christ, Voice of Valluvar (Tirukkural, The Tamil Veda), Pearls from the Prophet (300-odd sayings of Prophet Muhammad in verses), Song on the Sun God (English rendering in verses of Aditya Hrudayam) and The Living God at Puttaparthi, in quatrains.
Gandhi Episodes, based on Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography, is being serialized now in In METVERSE MUSE, (Visakhapatnam), edited by Dr. H. Tulsi.

Also several single poems in anthologies of various poetry magazines of India.

Chinky Pinky- A Birdy adventure by Hemdiva

Book Name          - Chinky Pinky- A Birdy                                                     Adventure
Author                  - Hemdiva
Publisher              - Smashwords
Number of Pages - 31
Publishing Year   - 2015
Edition                  - Kindle

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Rating : 4.0


Chinky and her best friend forever, Pinky are not your average girls! They can do anything to complete a school project. Even if that means going to the local store at night and having ice cream on the way and turning into.....!

Good girls never go out alone in the night. But what if you need to buy stuff to complete your school project? would you dare? Find out what happens with Chinky and Pinky who are brave enough to step out in the dark.

My Review
Chinky pinky is a cute little story of two 7- year old girls, Chinky and Pinky who set out for an adventurous trip and finally landed in trouble. The story proceeds with how they survives the danger.
When I started reading the book, my brows met in a frown wondering how two 7 year old girls managed to go out at night let alone call each other and plan. When I looked at my two over smart kids who are 4 and 2 years old, I realized that yes, it can be possible.
The book comes with a great message that mothers strive to convey to their children these days. WATCH OUT! BEWARE! How will we tell these to our fragile kids? This is one such story that helps us do this job easily. 

My only complaint is about the pricing. The book is a little overpriced especially since it is an e-book A little more colorful illustrations would have made it more attractive.

This will definitely be added among the bed time stories that I will tell my children.

Reviewed for the author
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

HemDiva is the Author of the series Chinky Pinky. She loves to read books as much as she loves to write. She also loves to study, English being her favourite subject!
Also known as a Poet, Blogger, Foodie, Traveller and cartoon addict.

Chinky Pinky : A Birdy Adventure is her debut book.
A treat for the child in you! This book is inspired from the bedtime stories my mom narrated to me when I was a kid.
The characters are the one you will fall in love with. The plot will keep you engaged!

Find my book at Amazon Kindle here- and Smashwords here-
My Blog-




















Review of She- Ekla Cholo Re by Santhosh Avannavar

Book Name          -  She-Ekla Cholo Re
Author                  - Santhosh Avannavar

Publisher              -  Hoffen

Number of Pages -  58

Publishing Year   -  2015

Edition                  -   Paperback

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Rating : 3.5


Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning. Will she be successful in her mission? Find out in She, an utterly absorbing read that derives inspiration from Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo Re” song, which urges everyone to move on despite the fear of abandonment from others.

"She is one of the finest book to read" - Sujeeth Kumar, Project Manager, MNC Bengaluru

"A story often untold. Appreciate the team for presenting She in the best possible harmonious way!" - N K Narasimhan, CEO and Co-Founder, Nascor Technologies, Bengaluru

"Don't miss the ending!" - Raghunath Babu Are, Employee at Microsoft, Bengaluru 

My Review

She is an inspirational story. The story is an eye opener bringing forth the issues of a mass of people who could not place themselves in the Male- Female category. LGBT as we call them. Authors tried to bring a lot of issues faced by them like difficulty in societal acceptance, recognition, finding a job, and even filling up a form where is there is no provision to include themselves. 
The story is set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta but it is applicable till now. Except some cities and villages, rest of our nation still is a taboo for them.

Love, loss, heartbreak, self respect everything is same for them as well since they are also human beings. The storyline begins with Rajender's (Male Protagonist) coincidental encounter with Kusum (She-male protagonist). Raj gives a lift to Kusum and during the trip she opens up about her personal life.
Citing Rabindranth Tagore's peoms in between is an added bonus
The story is short but with a great message. The book cover is not appealing at all. If I had seen the book in a book stall, I would not have picked it up since the cover doesn't speak anything about the book. It is said that we should not judge a book from it's cover but sadly that is what we do generally. There were a few grammatical errors. For a book as short as this, the errors could have been avoided


Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Santosh Avvannavar: Santosh started his career as a consultant and Soft Skills Trainer. After his college education from NITK, Surathkal, he worked as a researcher at University of Eindhoven, University of Twente, and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He was also the Placement President while working at IISC, Bangalore. He has over twenty-five publications of mostly research documents in national and international journals. He has also authored sixteen conference papers and regularly written articles for a national and worldwide daily paper. He also works as an advisor for different organisations.

He also dabbles in fiction writing and is the author of Adhuri Prem Kahaniya; Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero, Second Heart and Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview; Be A B.A.; Surrogate Author; Title is Untitled; Black, Grey and White; The Departing Point; God’s Table and Umbilical Cord.

He likes to devote his personal time in writing for a website, namely the Amrita Foundation for HRD ( He has conducted seminars and training sessions for more than 45,000 people in India and abroad over the last seven years.