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A review of Mary and the Marauding Indians by Mary Carpenter

Book Name            :       Mary and the Marauding Indians: A    Mail Order Bride Novel  

Author                     :       Mary Criswell-Carpenter        
Genre                      :       Historical Fiction
Number of Pages    :       65
Publishing Date     :       6th October 2015
Binding                   :       Kindle Edition
ASIN                       :       B0169YFZS2

Rating : 3.5

Mail Order Bride Wanted: 49 year old retiring soldier desires young bride who wants children. Must be very neat and cook a good roast beef and apple pie. Slovenly women need not apply. 

Lt. Col. William Lewis has been in the army since he was 15 and entered West Point. Army life is all he's ever known, but a wife is what he wants now. He thinks what would suit him best would be a young wife so he can start a family quickly. 

Mary Thompson has cared for children all of her life, as she is the fourth daughter of ten, growing up in rural Arkansas. She loves children, cooking and sewing. Her three older sisters were mail order brides and she thinks it's her time now. William and Mary agree to marry and raise a family, but Lt. Col. Lewis has one more mission to complete. 

The Northern Cheyenne have left Ft. Reno in Indian Territory and fled to Kansas to return to their homelands. They don't like the limitations of reservation life and are longing for Montana. The Cheyenne, led by Little Wolf and Dull Knife, sneak out of the reservation and cross over into Kansas. When the Army hears of the escape, they send Lt. Col. Lewis in pursuit. 

Mary arrives in Dodge City while Colonel Lewis is on patrol. She refuses to accept that his life may be in danger. Then the unthinkable happens and Mary is alone. Whatever will she do now?

The novella is a historical romance in the background of the battle between the Cheyenne Indians and the Army. Mary Thompson reaches Dodge city with dreams of getting married to Lt. Col. Lewis. On reaching Dodge City, she realizes that the life in Dodge City would not be what she had expected since the news she heard was the demise of Col. Lewis. The story proceed with Mary’s struggle to cope up with the unfortunate turns in her life. Will she remain the unwed widow of Col. Lewis? Will she go out in pursuit of new life? What happens to the Cheyenne Indians?

Main Characters
Mary Thompson: The protagonist; A 21 years old girl who decided to become the mail order bride of a 49 years old Army man
Bill Lewis: 49 year old soldier living in Dodge City.
Chief Little Wolf,Chief Dull Knife, Chief Wild Hog, Chief Standing Bear and Chief Calf Skin Shirt.: Cheyenne Indians fighting for the rights of their fellows
Amanda and Caroline: Two of Mary’s sisters.
Charles and David     : Husbands of Amanda and Caroline respectively
Sam and Robert        : Mary’s suitors

"I'm concerned you will be a young widow with children to support on your own.”

She had been planning to marry Bill sight unseen! Who was she to criticize Robert's whirlwind of romantic intentions?

Being an ardent lover of historical fiction, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The book begins with a detailed note of the battle between the Cheyenne Indians(American Indians) and the army. The exploitations of the tribal is not an isolated incident. It had been a grave issue for centuries, irrespective of the demographics. Authoress portrays the picture of the lives of the Cheyenne Indians in reservations and circumstances that led to their escape and finally the battle. The fighting spirit of Mary is inspirational. The life of Mary is explained in a slow pace, like several historical fiction books. The book had the qualities to become a classic. The writing style and mode of depiction is similar to a couple of classic books. The idea of Mail order bride is new to me. It is informative to know that there was a historical version of the modern internet weddings.

The book started as a story of the Indians till Mary reaches Dodge City. Later on, apart from one or two dialogues and a scene there is no account of the battle. A detailed account would have done justice to the title. Mary’s romantic relations could have been elaborated. As with Col. Lewis, it is understandable that Mary and Lewis barely knew each other, but later when Mary decides to move on, a detailed account of the same would have been interesting to read. The trip to Independence, Kansas ought to be more expansive since it is a major twist in Mary’s life.
One Liner
A novella with a potential of being a classic with a little rework.

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About the Author

Mary Criswell-Carpenter writes Christian Historical Fiction in her Mail Order Bride Series, non-fiction ebooks, and historical fiction that is not romance. She has 6 books on the drawing board right now.

Mary is a voracious reader of all genres except explicit horror, and loves sunshine, God, chihuahuas, to write, to read, and quilt. She is married, has two chihuahuas, and three children, Trey, Melanie, and Steven, grown and scattered throughout the United States. She has 12 grandchildren.

She is a graduate of both Ottawa University and Saint Paul School of Theology and served as a United Methodist Pastor in the Little Rock Annual Conference and the Kansas East Annual Conference. She now resides in Mississippi in a small country town near the Tennessee River.

Reviewed for the author

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A review of Lust4life: UPS and downs by J.B.NANDALAL

Book Name             :       Lust4Life-Ups and Downs       
Author                     :       J.B.Nandlal
Publisher                 :
Genre                      :       Non-fiction
Number of Pages    :       98
Publishing Date     :       2013
Binding                   :       Paperback
ISBN                       :       9788192818702

Rating : 3.5


What people really need and demand from life is not Wealth, Comfort and Fame but JOY, a state of mind of happiness which comes from waves of ups and downs, the challenges with sense of achievement. There has to be purpose of life, hope brings optimism. It makes the mind positive, a distressed mind causes misery and unhappiness, the cause is multiple, unrealistic desires which cause worry and distress. Fewer desires means less distress.

Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone
Who doesn’t like their grandparents? The book reminded me of my late grandfather. Had he lived a little longer, he would have told me the same things author said in the book. Through years of experience and knowledge. The book covered practically every aspect of life a person will go through. The book is an account of what life is all about. About success, failure, challenges, achievement, emotions, etiquette, health, memory, money, worship, meditation etc. To save the best for the last, author has given a short note on his autobiography

Author tried to incorporate a lot of things in a single book, that none of the topics are explained in details. The book could have been concentrated on any single topic or divided into two or three volumes.

One Liner

A grandfather’s advice for the new generation.

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About the Author

Mr. J.B.Nandlal, a senior citizen  based in Mumbai  had graduated in hotel management in India and further in U.K. During his active working life, he held senior management positions in hospitality industry for more than three decades, subsequently he operated as hospitality management consultant for two decades , coordinating projects for  hotels , airline on board services, food & beverage chains  etc. in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and other places. He commenced his career with Indian Airlines in 1958 at Kolkatta & Delhi and having reached the position of regional manager for on board services, he had the opportunity to extensive travel in India & abroad, and subsequently as General Manager of Ambassador Skychef and Air India's Chefair, Mumbai-Delhi, had a chance to associate wit many International reputed airlines, providing them services of  global standards.
Not being able to catch up with advancing age and to maintain creativity  and some purpose to live the journey of life, started writing non- fiction books with a subjective title, having experienced real life situations and interacting with people of varied regions and nationalities.

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own

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The childhood writer grew to a perfect author- A review of One Last Wish by Nicole Belanger

Book Name             :         One Last Wish      
Author                     :         Nicole Belanger   
Publisher                 :         Wavecloud Corporation
Number of Pages    :         236
Publishing Date     :         October 5,2015
Binding                   :         Paperback
ISBN                       :        
Rating : 4.0
13: 9781622173181

Time is never on our side. It’s always selfishly working against us. When Sarah went missing, time slipped by with the blink of an eye, and the faster it passed, the faster I lost hope. Hope that she’d still be alive. Hope that she would come home safely. And it wasn’t until Officer Reed Parker knocked on my door that I thought it was finally over. But it’ll never be over. They found her body. She’s dead. But who took her? Who killed her? Was it the same set of eyes that stalked me in the night, lurking behind corners, between cars, and waiting? For what? To take me, next? When the people I love most start slipping away from me, fingers start pointing in different directions and I wonder who I can truly trust. That’s the thing about time, it’s infinite, but eventually you run out of it. 
One last wish is the story of Brooke Ryder. Her life topple over when her little daughter Sarah goes missing. She, along with her grandmother, holds on to the hope of finding Sarah safe and sound, till officer Reed Parker comes to inform her Sarah is no more. The next moment she finds herself as one of the suspects, in the name of procedure. She tries to find solace in the drinks she gets from the bar. Even the grieving session with her grandmother could not help her. At the verge of losing herself, she meets Sean Crawford, who holds her hand and helps her swim away from the sinking ship. Sarah’s father Mike (Michael Gerard) returns to Brooke’s life after Sarah’s demise. But Brooke is not ready to accept someone who deserted her when he knew that she was pregnant. Brooke is happy with Sean, but for the feeling that someone is stalking her. Brooke, along with Sean, decides to find the culprit.
Nevertheless, happiness is never permanent in Brooke’s life. First, she lost her mother when she was a sixteen. Then she lost her boyfriend when she was eighteen. Then she lost her daughter when she was twenty-five. Brooke is not ready to face another disaster in her life but she never knew that the tornadoes in her life had just begun. The rest is reserved for the book.
Brooke Ryder: The protagonist. Twenty-five year old girl who lives with her grandmother and daughter.
Sean Crawford: A bartender who walks into Brooke’s life when her hopes started fading.
Michael Herard: Brooke’s ex-boyfriend who left her when she got pregnant with his child.
Reed Parker: The police officer investigating Sarah’s murder.
Nana: Brooke’s grandmother
Sarah: Brooke’s daughter who is present all over the story even if she is not there.


“Everyone makes mistakes,” she says, “but we have to learn from them. We have to find the hidden message we’ve been given from it. Sometimes we find that message; other times we don’t.”

The authoress has done justice to the characters. The plot is a close-knit one without any lose ends. The pain Brooke felt on losing her daughter is portrayed with utmost conviction. The relations of Brooke with Nana, Sean, Mike and Reed have been portrayed in a crisp and sharp manner. Authoress has tried to maintain the mystery element and succeeded in the same. The language and literary style is simple but professional. Brooke as a mother, granddaughter, and lover is perfectly portrayed. Authoress take us smoothly to a ride through Brooke’s life and forces us to keep reading. Unlike most of the indie author books, this book had practically no grammar mistakes or typos, which impressed me the most.

Sometimes, when a killer goes free, they hang around the grave of the person they killed.

At some points, the relation between Sean and Brooke seem to be dragged too much at the wrong timing. After reading one fourth of the story, I could guess the mystery but that might be because I have been reading a lot of thrillers lately. The grieving sessions seem to be misplaced. It could have been avoided or elaborated a little more.

One Liner

An emotional and romantic thriller

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About the Author

Nicole has been writing since she was six-years old. When she was thirteen, she began writing her first book, Lost Voice, which she finished at fifteen. Shortly before her high school graduation, Nicole published her first book at the age of seventeen. She began working in the medical field when she was eighteen as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She’s also an avid photographer, featuring one of her photographs on the cover of Lost Voice. Since then, Nicole has published two additional books, Shadows (2014) and One Last Wish (2015).

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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An Anthology of short stories Translated from Odiya- A Review

Book Name             :       Kanhu & Other Stories        
Author                     :       Saroj Mishra(Translator)   
Publisher                 :       Platinum Press
Genre                      :       Fiction(Anthology)
Number of Pages    :       109
Publishing Date     :        2015
Binding                   :       Paperback
ISBN                       :       9789383562800

Rating : 4.5

Original authors are all well-known writers, some of them winners of the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi awards and others honored with several state-level awards. The stories in this anthology reflect the rich and divergent cultural heritage of Odisha and the current thinking in Odiya society varying from focus on the plight of the underprivileged to the struggles of different sections of society in dealing with moral dilemmas. The stories have been selected carefully to promote the Odiya language, with its colorful idiom, the heritage, and the social ambience of Odisha, to a wider audience so that the readers can learn about its rich literature and the glorious history of Odisha.


Kanhu & other stories is an anthology of 10 stories written by Award winning authors. The book is translated from Odiya by Saroj Mishra. The review of the ten stories follows
     1.     Kanhu- by Gaura Hari Das

Kanhu is the story of a sixteen year old boy who was assigned the job of supervising a house construction. He considers the home as his own and loves each brick used to build it. Encouraged by his master, he plays the role of a manager. After the construction, he goes back to his native place to bring his mother to the new house but what awaits him is an unexpected fate.
The story travels through the intricacies of Kanhu’s love, loyalty, dreams and passion. He is the representative of those innocent youth who toils to serve their masters to get nothing but negligence in return.

     2.     Mystery of the Closed iron chest.- by Sahadev Sahoo

This is a story about old Sudarshan and his mysterious iron chest. Tagged as a miser, Sudarshan himself is a mystery to his family. The mystery of the chest unveils after his demise.
The story is about Sudarshan’s lonely life and how he found solace from his forlornness. Author tells us not to judgemental about anyone, through this story.

     3.     Last Opportunity- by Bipin Bihari Mishra

The book is a story of encounter between Amareesh- a police officer and an old man, at the venue of the famous chariot festival. The old man came to festival to meet his wife after five years. The old man lives with his elder son and his wife with his younger son. The story reminds us that one day; we will also shed the grandeur and security of youth. The old man is the embodiment of a mass of overlooked people in their old age.

     4.     Inauguration of Electric Crematorium- by Paresh Kumar Patnaik

This is a story of travail Municial Executive Office Alek and his Assistant Guru in obtaining a dead body for the inauguration of the Electric Crematorium. An interesting satirical drama portrays the futility of human lives. The conditions cited by the minister regarding dead body and the dead body with the goggles tickles the funny bones as well as pulls the pain string. The story is a comedy ride as well as a tragic reality show.

     5.     The Wound- by Ramachandra Behera

Wound is the story of Jagu, his wife Hema and the children whom they adopted. Well, not legally but they live in Jagu’s house and he looks after them like his own kids. Jagu life takes a U-Turn when two journalists-Tushar and Prakash- visit him and report his life. The story unveils the persona of hypocrisy; how people try to take advantage Jagu’s benevolence for their benefit.

     6.     Mission Heart- by Saroj Mishra

This is the story of Prakash Nanda, an unemployed person, who was dragged into the Marital and extra marital intricacies, by the inescapable and alluring job offer. He is assigned a job by Sanjukta Dash to entice a girl named Swathy, who was in an alleged relation with her husband. As th story proceeds, Prakash becomes an inevitable part of the lives of Sanjukta,Prasant Kumar Dash and Swathy. The story portrays the fragility of relations in modern times.

     7.     Gagan Majhi and his kin- by Bibhuti Patnaik

     The story is about the battle of dalit anit-displacement against a mega steel plant. Majhi was silenced by a few conspirators but they fail to lead a peaceful life. Author wails for the empowerment of the exploited.
     8.     Drowning- but Shyama Prasad Chouwdhary.

Drowning is a psychological thriller? That is how I would interpret it. The confusing and illusive journey of the protagonist through the death of Ipsita and Ramesh.

     9.     Travel and Shoes- by Sri Prasad Mohanty.

The story is a lighthearted tale depicting a conversation inside Pondicherry- Bhubaneshwar Superfast, between the travel mates.

     10.  Goal Keeper- by Barendra Krishna Dhal

This is the story of Janmejoy, who is a government employ trying to meet the ends. He is also a football player who is loyal to his club. P.K.Chowdhary, the owner of their rival club approaches him with an exciting offer in return of match fixing. On one hand sister’s wedding and shortage of money. One the other hand, Self-respect, and professional ethics. Which one does he chooses is interesting to read? The author reinforces the importance of upholding our values.


It will take me more than one post to explain the highlights of the book. Each story has a strong plot and fantastic character craft. The stories are the mirrors to the present scenario in the society. From bribery to dowry, conspiracy to jealousy, self-respect to honesty: Authors depicted how the present society exists. The cultural heritage and living standards of the society I mirrored well. The book teaches us the meaning of the proverb ‘Experience is the best teacher’, since the authors have proved what experience really means.
“What if the corpse does not meet the critetia laid down by the minister?”


Saroj Mishra has shown justice to the stories and he succeeded in portraying the essence of Odiya society.

“The work is over, they are not needed anymore”

The book is a part of the Platinum Classics collection. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Leadstartcorp in their sincere effort to bring other language books into English so that readers get to know the real meaning of cultural heritage.
“You have upheld your pride and morality instead of your desperate need for money”

There were a few typos. The number of typos is negligible but since the stories are all perfect, the typos stood out like a sore thumb.

One Liner
An anthology of stories with the fragrance of Odisha Soil

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Reviewed for the publisher (Platinum Press)

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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For the Mobile Home Investors- A Review of Real Estate Investing Sucks by Rachel Hernandez

Book Name          :  Real Estate Investing Sucks: How to Deal with Change and Find Success as a Real Estate Investor 

Author                  : Rachel Hernandez     

Publisher               :  Bitter Melon Publishing LLC  
Number of Pages  :  63 Pages
Publishing Date     : June 22, 2015
ASIN                     : B0109660PI  

Rating : 3.75


Want to Run a Successful Real Estate Investing Business?

Are you trying to build and sustain a long-term real estate investing business? Do you want to spend more time with your family and less time in a job?

The key to being a successful real estate investor is not only to make money when the market is high or low, but also learn how to create a sustainable real estate investing business for the long term.

With over a decade of experience in real estate investing, Rachel Hernandez, also known as Mobile Home Gurl, has learned what it takes to run a successful real estate investing business for the long term. Looking back, every time there has been an obstacle in the way, the one consistent theme where she has learned and has been challenged the most has been change.

By being able to adapt and learn from the changes that happen, Rachel has been able to overcome the obstacles she has faced in all facets of her real estate investing business. In this book, she will teach you what she has learned so you too can overcome these changes and run a successful real estate investing business for the long term.

Inside you'll learn how to handle the types of changes in your real estate investing business including;
Market Changes
Management Changes
Personnel Changes
Marketing Method Changes
Funding Changes
Partnership Changes
Personal Situation Changes Also, you will discover the one wild card that can boost your success if you seize the opportunity:

Luck and the Part It Plays


You'll get information to additional resources that will help you on your real estate investing journey.

Would you like to know more?

Read the book today and start getting results!


Real Estate Sucks is a non-fiction book. Rachel is a successful mobile home investor who paved her way through the tides. Doing business in real estate is never easy. We will have to face several hassles. Things are never the same. Members of my team change or funding run out or partnership with another investor no longer works And last but not least, personal situation changes. The list goes on and on. Rachel explains how she managed to sway with the tide and even against the tide in such situations. The book is divided into nine chapter, a bonus chapter, and a conclusion. The chapters are all systematically arranged with each chapter addressing each issue. End of each chapter, she cites the lesson she learned while coping up with the issues. The book is a crisp and clear, quintessential real estate book which will help the beginners and the strugglers equally. While explaining the risks involved each alternatives she adopted, she clearly mentioned which one is for beginners and which one for the experienced ones. In short the book addresses every issue a real estate investor faces, while in mobile home investing business. If you are planning to try your luck in the same, this book will definitely be an asset. Rachel has also given a reference to her blog Adventures in Mobile homes where in she shared her stories and experiences of investing in mobile homes.


The introduction was more like a chapter outline. This could have avoided since a chapter index was already included before. Introduction could have made a little bit crisper. The part where she explains about issues in partnership, equal emphasis could have been given to successful partnerships. Otherwise, new comers would be weary of trusting others. In real estate business partnership is a risk but if we get the right person, we can make more than what we make alone. This part could have been explained. The book is mainly about mobile home investing business. Hence the title could have been related to Mobile Home Investing , instead of Real Estate Sucks because the word real estate brings different pictures in the minds of different people.

One Liner

This is the best and the first book a person should grab if he/she is planning to be a mobile home investor

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About the Author

With over a decade of real estate investing experience, Rachel Hernandez spent several years as a landlord before taking the leap to specializing in mobile home investing. Rachel is the creator of Adventures in Mobile Homes (, a blog dedicated to sharing her stories and adventures investing in mobile homes. Rachel Hernandez has one investing strategy: K.I.S.--Keep It Simple.

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.