Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tata Sky+ Transfer- End of remote war

I have been thinking of writing about a best friend lately. What is the criteria of being a best friend? They should be with you in happiness and sorrow, they should make you happy when you are sad, they should boost you when you are happy, they should entertain you when you are bored. In short, they should understand you and provide you with whatever succor you expect from them. Life is moving at such a fast pace that it's practically impossible for us to find such a friend these days but luckily I got one. MY MOBILE.Hey, don't laugh. I'm serious. I will tell you why

TV was the soul mate of everyone in my family. There had been a war for remote for years, in my home. I watches my reality shows, music and movie channels, my mother watches her daily sops, my brother watches his cricket matches and my dad watches action movies. All with different interests and different temperament. Poor remote:( It suffered the hell of the times and was replaced innumerably since my brother used to use it as his cricket ball when denied the permission to watch his match. When I became a wife and a mother, my kids sat in front of the TV like couch potatoes and I had to stop watching my sweet soul mate to show example to them. My poor shows, they might have missed me:(

But now, Tata Sky+ Transfer turned the once battle field into a peaceful abode since no one fights for the remote anymore. It works simply. Just buy a Tata Sky+ Transfer box, click the app transfer the program directly from TV to your phone and peacefully watch it on your own best friend.

Aren't you excitedd with this new technological boom. This is the future. If you don't want to be obsolete click here and join the TRANSFERKARS
Rating : 4.0

Krishna Key- Not a review but an analysis of the reviews

    GenresNovel, Thriller

    Krishna key is a thriller. A mythological or historical thriller? No! Its not since the story line doesn't go through the old times. It is a story that analyses the documentations related to the mythology surrounding Krishna and trying to reinforce that Krishna did indeed exist and that all other literature had been an adopted versions of the vedas. Had the author explained these in a non-fiction book, noone would have bothered to read. Hence the fictional element. The ardent research the author made reaches the readers through a background story. Why I thought of writing this discussion? I will get to it after giving a brief account on the story.

    Coming to the story: Professor Saini is arrested and treated like a criminal by the police. Why? Because he was the last visitor of Prof, Varshney who was murdered and also because he possessed the seal which belonged to Prof.Varshney. I was wondering if it is so easy to Charge someone of a grave murder on these two grounds. Questioning is another matter but torturing in a Jail as bad as Abu Gharib! Well I don't have personal experiences so I will keep it with myself.

    Next we see Prof. Ravi Mohan Saini on a run to save his face with the help of his doctoral student Priya. Thenceforth we witness several nail biting incidents,murders,accusations, revelations. A serial killer who thinks that he is the eighth Avatar of Vishnu and murders the scientists for retaining dharma. Tharak Vakil's character is well conceived. We can relate with the helpless boy who later gets transformed into a cold blooded murderer. Just that, even if the author reinforces that he is intelligent, we feel that he is dump for following the orders blindly.
    The novel is irrevocably an Indian version of Angels and Demons and that's the main criticism the author faced, not that he cares. I feel that its not a negative but a positive. All Indians know that we have a lineage of rich culture, heritage, literature and art but we never bothered to go into the roots of the paraphernalia of cultural background. Ashwin Sanghi portrayed this channel so clearly and crisply  that we will end up raising our head high for being in a country with such rich history, the present day scenario is not good though. Nevertheless, Ashwin has succeeded in playing the role of Indian Dan Brown. I don't understand why is ti considered unpropitious. Author has researched well for this book and the research paid off well. The connection between the victims' surnames and the clans of Krishna and the Anagrams of Tarak Vakil and Sir Khan are interesting. Author intertwined the history with the present , seamlessly.

     We comes to know that Prof.Saini was in love Priya while he was on exile. The love part was not needed at all. The author mentioned it in just a sentence but it was biting in the whole story line since he falls in love again with Radhika Singh, whom he met days before and considers her as soul mate. Had Priya not been the vamp, would he think of Radhika for a moment? Is spending a few days, well between life and death, a criteria to fall in love? There was no mentioning about any attraction between the two of them and all of a sudden they end up in a bedroom.! Does a book need to have a bedroom sequence for the reader to think highly of it? Nay, I don't think so. May be the sequence was needed to explain the quote " The philosopher more important than the stone." The same takes a star off.
Rating : 4.0

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Advice Adda , India's first and largest advisory portal

Advice are those piece of words that we hate the most, even if provided free of cost. Especially when they come from the older generation. " I know what to do" would be our response. Yes, I hate advice too.

But, what if it comes from an expert, that too anonymously!! And free of cost.
Does that ring a bell? 
Advice regarding education, career, relationships,men's and women's health,sex,mental health, legal issues,'money, parenting,property, beauty,gadgets and what not.

The right message might resurrect you from the slumber of pain and depression.
DEPRESSION is not about sitting alone in a corner, or ranting or becoming violent. A mere dejection might take its toll. Opening your heart to someone might ease you of the subdued fear and sorrow but due to the fear of society, many refrain from seeking help. If someone accidentally see you at the counselor's abode. Alas!!
That's where Advice Adda comes into picture.
Sorry for the long intro but the website is quite worth it. It deals with all the aforesaid issues , that too expert advice. 

 If you think that this website is only for those with personal problems or psychological or clinical issues, you are mistaken. The variances of the genres of expertise is the unique quality of Advice Adda. Other than the clinical and psychological experts, they also have a team of make up artists, personal trainer, journalist and more.

You can sign up in a single click and posting queries are even easier. The page views are soon proceeding to a million with 2 and a half unique users. I myself examined the portal and found it quite helpful. The answers are quite clear and up to the point. 


Instead of using complicated terms and confusing the seeker, the experts are very friendly and cooperative.
Promptness is another quality of the portal. We don't have to wait indefinitely to get a reply.

What will you lose by just having a look. I'm sure you would not go back without sharing your predicament and seeking advice

You can be a part of this novel venture by CROW FUNDING them. The details follows
Rating : 5.0

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Monday, September 28, 2015


I have been asked these days why I am not going for a job? Why did you end up looking after your kids? Why did you study so much? and worst of all Why do you SACRIFICE so much?
Is looking after kids a sacrifice!! It is the best learning experiece. Trust me! They teach us a lot about life and relationships. Is the finding a job, the sole purpose of education? Given a chance ,I would continue studying till my last breath and I still am.
I am sure a lot of my homemaker friends have faced the same questions. And who is to be blamed? the poor husbands!! Well, I am swaying from the topic
Following your passion is never an inferior predicament,In fact, it is the luckiest thing to do. Just because you don't go out and work under someone or you don't run a business, you don't become useless. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. Make the maximum out of the celebrated homemaker title and relieve your spouses of the blame of tying up their wives in the four walls of the house. I am doing this for my first childJayashankar Balakrishnan

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is troubling parents a quintessential new-gen dude and diva quality

Lately I overheard a conversation. Overheard would not be the right term because I did not deliberately listen to them( I don't want to be trademarked as a gossipmonger :-)
Well, while the rhetoric was happening between two people standing behind me I had to let the sound waves enter my Tympanum.
It went like this.
Speaker 1: I just went to have a regular visit to the doctor but I was admitted immediately for a surgery.
Speaker2: Oh my god! how adveturous you are
Speaker1: I am a spoiled brat, you know. I don't go home regularly, I don't listen to my parents.
Speaker2: Me2 and they hi fived.
Speaker1: But you are a good guy, rt? But I am not.
Speaker2: Yeah May be. (He looked at his friend adoringly.)

The relation between parents and children is the most precious, notwithstanding the greatness of carrying one's child in womb for nine months or the sacrifice of toiling to bring up their child. I am no one to tell anyone to love their parents but would like to request the new gen folks not to find happiness in troubling them. Its was never cool and would never be.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Canarian Flight

The canaries are all set to fly. The wings are all kept still and unruffled to avoid further hassles. Their mother banyan will spread its branches in the minds the readers

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ajaya -Roll of Dice by Anand Neelakantan. A review

The epic which ruled the hearts of zillions could be remade only by legends. Here Anand Neelakantan did not just remake the epic but engineered the right weapon to cut through the story which was as strong as a diamond. It might have been suidical hadn't he portrayed this antagonistic Mahabharath in the most exquisite and aesthetic manner. The author showed the mettle to demolish the rotten yet celebrated belief of victory of good over evil. He saw through the invalidity of Dharma which justified the vile atrocities and blindfolded the mass.


Author seamlessly portrayed Suyodhana's side of the story. The story of Mahabharata is known to everyone, yet author succeeded in inducing the curiosity in the readers to know what happens next; or to put it this way- how does the author view each instances. The quintessential example would be Arjun shooting the parrot, which was viewed as an act of chivalry but the pain of the bird and its mate was not seen by anyone till date or no one dared to point out. The rebellious venture of the author was real chivalry. During the initial part of the story, portraying the Pandavas as bullies was painful but while sailing in the same boat of Suyodhana, the author opened new realms of thoughts and insight to the predisposition of Pandavas' Dharma. Ekalavya's escape from Thakshaka, Karna's competition to become the Dharmaveera, etc are explained stupendously. No visual media would provide the effects that he permeated through words.
 Arjuna who was considered the greatest warrior in the history was impotent in accepting the favoritism. Eklavya who gave his thumb as Gurudakshina proved that he was more of a man. The society which brutally follows caste system accepts polygamy and polyandry is a contradiction. Author succeeded in divulging several similar social double standards.
The book makes the reader yearning for the sequel. How does he portray Bhagavath Geetha would be interesting to see. But for that we need to wait for the sequel.Can't wait to grab a copy of Rise of Kali
The book contains a lot of characters but none seems negligible.  Author made sure that each character was portrayed with utmost perfection. The fact that author decided to write the story in two books is an intelligent decision.
Except for a few typos and the word Utopian used by Bhishma, the book is a nearly perfect one

I feel really small in rating the book but I would rate it
Rating : 4.0

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reading habit

What is a reading habit?
Is it sitting like a bookworm and gulping all that we get??

A few years back i had this doubt coz I was damn sure that I wouldn't be able to read even a single book at a stretch. And sitting somewhere for so long!!! Horrible

But I wanted to feel that im a good reader. So I went to bookshops, got so many books started reading and by heated the title and author's name. Well thats all that matter. We should be able to reproduce all that we read.

Gradually I started getting the feel that reading is not all about devouring what all we get.
See, You read my blog only if you feel that you get to get something interesting to read. Likewise I wanted to read books that creates interest.

By the way why am I explaining all these ??

Im sure there might be at least one person who is sailing in the same boat; With the same opinion.

Do you agree??

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Aylan Kurdi. The little mermaid

Feeling heart broken with the unfortunate picture of the little mermaid whose tail was cut off.  Mother sea engulfed him, she ate her son, but the pain might have been unbearable that she spat him out on her shore. Being a mother myself, I am perturbed by the scene. I am aghast, exasperated, angry, frustrated, and ashamed of myself.

I have punished my children for being disobedient, uncontrollably naughty, and troublesome. I have said N number of times that " Oh my god! These kids are impossible. I am tired of these kids." What if this fate happened to them?
Alas! I regret every second I scolded them , I regret every moment I told them not to disturb me. I regret every word that hurt them. Let them disturb me, let them trouble me but please god let them be with me. No other child should face the fate of poor little Aylan.
To the social media artists, please stop making your Photoshop illustrations. You might be pouring out your pain but its heart breaking to see him like a portrait.
Ultra modern world, twenty first century but what's it all about if we could not stop these brutalities. Let them rot in hell if there is one.
This is the wailing of a mother who could see her own children in the unfortunate body of the little mermaid.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

cultural suicides

Please tell me that its a trailer of Bollywood masala movie. I myself being a mother cannot comprehend the story behind Sheena Bora murder. A mother introducing her own children as her siblings! Are you kidding me? I don't think that it's true. It might be the screenplay of one of the serials in their own channel. She tried to kill her own children to cover up the reality and for money. Yes, money is that matters. She killed the child who was once a part of her. Did the money save her. God always leaves a trail of truth in every murder, here also he did it.

Thinking about the incident I think about relations. Why are the relations getting more and more fragile. Why communication degrading in families. Couples came for a candle light dinner and indulged themselves before the phone  tick tick tick.
Kids spend their time in front of social networking sites. Abandoning porn was the greatest atrocity that the government did. Isn't it?
Well the irony is that all these happens in a country which is culturally rich. This is culture!!!