Friday, October 20, 2017

Because Words matter by Kailash Satyarthi

Book Name          - Because Words Matter
 Author                 - KailashSatyarthi
 Publisher              - Rupa Publications 
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My Review
Rating : 4.5

Eight Hours by Upendra Namburi -Review

Book Name          - Eight hours.             
 Author               -  Upendra Namburi 
 Publisher              - Westland.                 
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My Review
Rating : 3.5

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Duchess by Danielle Steel -Review

Book Name          - The Duchess.      
 Author                 - Danielle Steel.  
 Publisher              -Pan Macmillan 
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My Review
Rating : 5.0

After reading 'Gone with the wind', I didn't expect a woman character that his stronger, smarter and admirable than Scarlett oHara. To expect a character that would be neck to neck with her in this era was unexpected but Danielle Steel, as always surprised and enchanted the readers with another woman steel- Angélique Latham. Daughter of a Duke but not a duchess. Sister of another Duke but penniless.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

You never know by Akash Verma

Book Name          - You Never Know
 Author                 -Akash Verma.    
 Publisher              - Penguin.           
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

Love is a conditionless feeling. We cannot predict when our heart goes for someone. The uncontrollable attraction tof someone will force us to forget the norms of the society and pursue our love. After innocent, deep, immaculate and platonic love story in 'Broken Man',  Akash Verma is back with a tale which is to be placed on the other end of the pole.

In conversation with Leonora Meriel

Hi everyone

Today we have with us the master of literary and experimental fiction -Leonora Meriel

Please give an intro of your books to the readers.

My books are literary fiction and experimental fiction. This means that I try to write great literature, but I also try to experiment with styles and genres and themes to create something entirely original and something that has never been written before.

My debut novel “The Woman Behind the Waterfall” is a tale of three generations of women in a Ukrainian village. They are all trying to find happiness in their own ways and they all face their own fears and barriers to happiness. There is a lot of transfromation and magic in the book, but ultimately it is about what happiness means, and the role of family.

My second novel “The Unity Game” is a literary thriller with elements of science-fiction. It is set in New York City, on a distant planet, and in an after-life dimension. The essence of the book is: what is the meaning of life? – life on Earth, and life beyond Earth. I explore many different strands of this theme and try to look at it from different perspectives. It is quite philosophical, but at the same time there is an exciting storyline to keep the readers involved.

The genres of your books are diverse. How did you develop a likeability to both?

The only genre I set out to write is literary fiction – that is, great quality books. However, my stories take on a journey of their own and suddenly my characters are coming back from the dead, or are transforming into a bird, or are on another planet. I am really interested in creating something different in literature, so I allow my imagination and my pen to go in whatever diretion they desire. At the same time, some of my favourite books are in the genres I write – magical realism, science-fiction etc. So I am familiar with some incredible writing in these genres and have true masters to emulate while I am writing.

Tell us about your background

I am English and grew up in England, but I was always passionately curious about the world, and escaped from the UK as soon as I could – which was during univesity. I studied for a year in Canada, and then lived in New York for several years before moving to Ukraine for 10 years. From then I lived in Barcelona, and I am now back where I started in London. It’s been quite a journey. Career-wise, although I had always wanted to write, I worked on Wall Street in New York and then founded a business in Ukraine, as well as running a charity. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of real-life experiences to draw from when I turned to writing full-time. Now I am a full time novelist, although I do some teaching as well to supplement my income.

Which genre is your favourite

Literary fiction is my favourite because some of the greatest books ever written are in this genre. I also categorize some favourites from other genres as literary fiction, however, as I define it as the very highest standard of writing with a conscious movement towards the deveopment of liteature. So, for example, my favourite science fiction novel “Solaris” would fall into this category, as would Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” – ususally thought of as magical realism.

Did you maintain a time table or pattern in writing books?

When I am writing a first draft of a novel, then I give myself a target of a daily word count – usually 1000 words a day. This means that I am writing something, and if it’s a slow day then I just do the 1000 words, and if it is a highly creative day then I can write for hours. Once the first draft is complete, then I am very disciplined about the editing process and work for 3-4 hours each morning on the manuscript. 

How was your publishing experience?

My debut novel was picked up by a London agent, who loved it, but didn’t manage to sell it to a publisher. We got great feedback on it, however, and after I had done some research into self-publishing, I decided to go ahead and release it myself. I had been an entrepreneur for the last 10 years, so I was familiar with launching a new venture. I set up my own publishing impring – Granite Cloud – and set about learning everything about publishing. It was an intense journey, but now I absolutely love having creative control over my books. It is an empowering thing to put your work out there and build your own fortune. 

How are you planning to promote your book?

I promote my books by thinking about which readers might enjoy them and then creating a strategy for finding those readers. It’s different for each of my books, but it can involve blogging, reviews, promotions, visiting book clubs and social media. It’s a case of trying lots of different approaches, and keeping the ones that work and that connect me with readers who love my work.

Are there more books in your pipeline

I have started my third novel and hope to have a first draft complete by next summer. Then a year or two of editing and perfecting and it will be ready!

How can readers reach you?

I am very accessible to readers. I am happy to have direct e-mails at or alternatively I am on Facebook and also Twitter - @leonora_meriel and my website . I have a lot of readers contacting me and it is one of the best things about being a writer – after years of creating something in solitude, suddenly you can talk with people who have read and loved your work. It’s very special.

Thanks for your time and all the best for your future ventures.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Review- Writersmelon's Jukebox

Book Name         - Jukebox
Author                  - Anthology
Publisher              - Readomania
Number of Pages - 176
Publishing Year   -2017
Edition                  -Paperback

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Rating : 4.0

My Review
Talent is a word that brings a varies of emotions in everyone's lives. each of us might have come across atleast one talented person who did not get the due recognition due to many reasons. Hunting the right talent from pretenders and plagiarists is not a cakewalk. Writers melon, through the venture melonade succeeded in hunting the deserving writers whose stories are too good to be neglected.

Book Blast- Children's Classic Stories by Aniesha Brahma

About the Book:
This gorgeous treasury of ten classic stories is guaranteed to delight and entertain young children, bringing the magic of traditional stories to the new generation of children. Aimed at 8-12 year olds, each favourite fairy tale or story has been sensitively retold for young readers.
The series 'Children's Classic Stories' contains total 100 stories in 10 volumes. The stories in this collection show the consequences of greed, pride, and vanity, but also tell of the love that grows from a kind heart and a cheerful nature.

Volume 1 includes the following stories:
01. Little Red Riding Hood
02. Cinderella
03. Hansel and Gretel
04. Sleeping Beauty
05. Snow White and Rose Red
06. The Emperor's New Clothes
07. Rumplestiltskin
08. The Wise Little Girl
09. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
10. Rip Van Winkle

About the Author:

Aniesha Brahma knew she wanted to be a writer since she was six years old. She was schooled in Dolna Day School and went on to pursue B.A., M.A., and M.Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur Univeristy. She currently lives in Kolkata, with her family and five pet cats. She is the author of All Signs Lead Back to You, When Our Worlds Collide, The Guitar Girl and The Secret Proposal. She compiled and edited the 10 volumes series, 'Children's Classic Stories' with love and great efforts.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Book blitz: Water boArding by Bragadeesh

Print Length: 292 pages
Publication Date: October 8, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

As a torture technique, Waterboarding involves the torturer to pour water over the face of the captive, over a damp towel to give a sensation of drowning. While the mind knows that he is not actually drowning, the captive's body sends contrasting signals to the brain making it a very painful experience.

Ved, who just got out of a life-changing accident finds out that he has blank spaces in his memory. He is unsure about his past and uncertain about his future but goes through with the present with the help of his friend Sara. Sara slowly builds Ved's past, filling him with people and instances he had forgotten.

As Ved struggles with the financial strain caused by his accident and subsequent medical bills and figuring out whom to trust, Ved is forced to live in the moment, which is dark, terrifying and maddening as his past catches up with him. Will he finally know who he was and how his past actions affect his present?

It would be great if you can add this book to your TBR

Bragadeesh Prasanna is a Chennai based writer, who blogs, writes short stories and sometimes lets his stories stretch itself to become a full fledged novel.  His romance novel, 300 days, which released in 2016, received generally positive reviews.  He had also contributed to different short story anthologies like After the Floods (Published by sixth sense publication), From Chennai, with Love (Curated by Chennai Bloggers Club)

When he is not writing or dreaming about writing, he runs a marketing agency in Chennai, which specializes in digital marketing. He loves his scotch and coffee, chicken biriyani, Rose milk and Chennai. You can just type in his full name in Google search bar to reach his blog. No, seriously, try it. 

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Confessions of a self-proclaimed existentialist by Akul Sharma

Book Name         - Confessions of a self-proclaimed existentialist
Author                  - Akul Sharma
Publisher              - Authorpress
Number of Pages - 104
Publishing Year   -2017
Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

For an existentialist, finding the meaning of life will point to several actions. To attain eternal bliss, protagonist assorted to an act that will assuredly secret DMT in our body. In order to feel the ecstasy , he decides to do that which provides maximum ecstasy, embrace death.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Perfect Murder

Book Name         - The Perfect Murder
Author                  - Ruskin Bond
Publisher              - Rupa Publications
Number of Pages - 167
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 5.0

My Review

A collection of short stories, rather murder mysteries that are authored by Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, Ruskin Bond and several other talented authors- What else can a mystery lover can ask for. Writing a murder mystery is a step by step process. First the characters and the circumstances need to be established. Next the murder scenario need to be explained. Next the suspense element to be sustained. Next a perfect climax need to be crafted. Delivering all these in a short story is not an easy job. A group of extremely talented writers proved that impossible is nothing.