Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Beneath a Rougher Sea by Susmita Bagchi- Review

Book Name         - Beneath a Rougher Sea
Author                  - Susmita Bagchi
Publisher              - Jufic Books
Number of Pages -278
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback
Price                     -299

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

Mind is an array of thoughts. What kin of thoughts traverse decides how our mental situation is molded. Beneath a rougher sea delves into the life of a psychiatrist, Aditya, who treats people with different types of mental instabilities. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Teenage Diaries- The days that were by Saurabh Sharma-Review

Book Name         - Teenage Diaries- The days that were
Author                  - Saurabh Sharma
Publisher              - Leadstart Publishing PVT Ltd
Number of Pages - 320
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     - 325

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

It's all about relating. If you can relate with a school and college life, when students are caught having a drink or taking a puff, when students bunk classes and roam around, play flames to know the future of the relationship and many more silly things, you will love this book. Though set in an overworked formula of a best seller- love , friendship, sex and life,- author has given a different reading experience with a quirky narration.

w(ealth) w(ine) w(oman). by Jyothirllatha Girija- Review

Book Name         - w(ealth) w(ine) w(oman).
Author                  - Jyothirllatha Girija
Publisher              -
Number of Pages - 357
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     - 350

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

Life is a mirage that entices us but when we comes near the reality we will realize that all those we accumulated in our life are just illusions. Man will never realize this truth and behind wealth, women and wine.
Jyothillatha Girija, through her book w(ealth) w(ine) w(oman)., divulges the most underrated yet painful and relevant reality of life 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cynthia Roberts tells the story behind the title

Behind the Title
(Creation of a Love Story)
By Romance Author Cynthia Roberts
       Creating romantic fiction has been a passion of mine, ever since I was old enough to understand the connection between the sexes.  I think I was twelve, when I wrote my first love story and like most young minds; I truly thought it was a masterpiece. 

Theres another masterful connection that has been going on now for centuries, and that, is the one between music and literature.  There is a full alphabet of songs that have been written retelling a work of literature as far back as the 18th century.

If I Die Young by The Band Perry was based on a poem, Lady of Shallot.  Love Story by Taylor Swift is loosely based on Romeo & Juliet.  The artist Stings Moon Over Bourbon Street was based on an Anne Rice Novel, Interview With A Vampire.

More interesting though, the anatomy of a song has also within its lyrics a pretty fascinating back story as well.  For more than five decades, authors have been creating fictional pieces and bringing readers deep inside the lyrics.  I grew up listening to my moms collection of romantic ballads from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  Those lyrics have forever been embossed into my brain, I still sing along whenever I hear them.  Lyrics like those back then told a story, and they were so strong, and emotional, their affect were everlasting.

I have a library of love songs on iTunes I listen to religiously, while I write, as a source of inspiration and a tool that gets me in the mood and mindset I need to be in.  It is from this list, I began to formulate a series of ideas, followed by cryptic notes on paper, and finally the creation of my Love Song Standards Series.  I made a list of the songs I connected with personally, whittling it down to thirty-five.  That number was quite overwhelming and I thought virtually impossible to create that many scenarios.  So, I chipped away at the songs and their lyrics, until I decided on a top ten.

I had made a commitment to myself to finish one book a month throughout 2016, writing a chapter every day, leaving me ample time to polish and edit each one.  I knew from the on-start, what I wanted my covers to look like.  They had to resemble each other in a way that would tie them together, but strong enough for them to stand on their own.  My designer Covers by Ramona did an exceptional job tying all my ideas together.

After Book 6, Chances Are, was completed, my brain was fried.  I took a short reprieve and switched it up a bit with a Romantic Suspense, A Pawn for Malice.  Happily, the first two books of my series received a 5-Star Readers Favorite Award, which ended my promotion efforts.  I was forced to take an extended break due to personal issues that had set me back both physically and emotionally.  My focus now is to both promote my series and finish the final four titles All The Way, Its Impossible, Sincerely, and Unforgettable.

If youre a lover of contemporary romance, please do check out my Love Song Standards Series.  I know youll be pleasantly pleased.  Buy links and descriptions are available on my website at  If you subscribe to my mailing list, we can stay in touch as to when the other titles are completed PLUS youll receive a complimentary copy of Book 1, Unchained Melody.  All that I ask is for you to please, please share an honest review at the online retailer you use most. It will help me dramatically towards promoting my book and the series. 

Hugs from me to you. 

" This is definitely a novel that I would read again. It is going to stay on my bookshelf for a very, very long time."  Readers' Favorite

Blinks in the blackout by Dr. Hari Parameshwar-Review

Book Name         - Blinks in the blackout
Author                  - Dr. Hari Parameshwar
Publisher              - Good Times Books
Number of Pages - 216
Publishing Year   - 2017
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     - 168

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Rating : 3.0

My Review

Vikram finds himself caught in the web of life and death. A fall , unconsciousness and a relay of memories. For everyone, Vikram has either boarded a flight to Goa or already in Goa when he lies unconscious by the  stairs of his house, when the whole world is unaware. Glimpse of his past flashes through his mind. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel- Review

Book Name         - Dangerous Games
Author                  - Danielle Steel 
Publisher              - PAN Mac Millan
Number of Pages -400
Publishing Year   - 2017
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     - 399

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

A girl who gets pregnant with a boy whom she barely knows, while in school, and wanting their child to be born in the wedlock, they get married and months later he dies. Rejected by the guy's family, the girl returns to her windowed mother with her infant daughter. Any reader would expect the scenario to be that of a woman who finds second love or settles for a 9 to 5 job or thriving for a living. But Danielle Steel never make her women give up on their lives. Alix Phillipe completes her studies, leaving her kids with her mother and becomes a seasoned television correspondent.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Book Spotlight - Season of Hope

When Amanda Jarvis prays that a special friend will move into the vacant house near her isolated mountain home, she isn't upset when God sends a boy instead of a girl. But Amanda's not the only one receiving unexpected answers to her prayers. After fleeing with his mother from an abusive father, Tyler Armstrong finds much-needed love and acceptance with Amanda’s family over the next ten years.

​As high school graduation nears, Tyler is shocked when one carefree afternoon with Amanda churns up an inner turmoil he would have never imagined; he’s crushing on his best friend. And for the first time in his life he’s hiding a secret from Amanda. Convinced the timing is all wrong, Tyler pushes his feelings aside as he and Amanda prepare for the future. He will soon begin training to pursue his dream of becoming a Navy Seal, while Amanda makes plans to spend the summer in Manhattan with her aunt and then return home to the community college.

​When Amanda’s summer job catapults her into a modeling career, she readily accepts the much-needed distraction. Tyler’s impending deployment is turning her world upside down. Along with the fact that she’s falling for her best friend. And, for the first time in her relationship with Tyler, she’s hiding a secret, too.

​Phoebe Garrison, Amanda’s controlling aunt, is thrilled when she is given the power to act on behalf of her underage niece. Bored with her Fortune 500 advertising agency, becoming Amanda’s manager is just what she's been looking for to rekindle her aspirations. But as Tyler becomes aware of Phoebe’s obsession to push Amanda into supermodel status, tensions rise. As the three of them become entangled in a mass of concealed ambition and desire, each will make decisions that will send ripples of turbulence across their futures.

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Author's Bio:

I began writing as a hobby while raising my two children. In 2015, I dusted off my stories and my dreams to see if I could turn my hobby into a career. My first story, Season of Hope, was inspired by summer vacations which always included a trip to Franklin, North Carolina, to visit family and explore The Smoky Mountains. When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with family and most anything that involves being outdoors, especially camping and hiking. I currently live along the Emerald Coast of Florida and never complain about the hot, humid summers, because that's exactly how I like them! ​

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Giveaway Contest -Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

Last week I had apprised you about the Giveaway contest of Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

Here I am with the set of questions. You don't have to do much. 
-Just answer the questions 
- Share this post on your page
You can either answer the questions in the comment box below, or message me or e-mail me

Winner will get a copy of Dangerous Games

Impatient for the questions? ? Here we go

Q1.What’s the crime location in Danielle Steel’s Dangerous Games?

A. Airport
B. White House
C. Church

Q2. Which country has Danielle set her novel, Dangerous Games?

A. India
B. Poland
C. United States of America

Q3. What’s the profession of the protagonist Alix Philips inDangerous Games?

A. Actress
B. Television Correspondent 
C. Home Maker

Quite easy questions, aren't  they? So what are you waiting for? Share you answers ASAP and grab your copy.

*If there are more than one right answers, winner will be selected randomly. The decision made by the selector will be final.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Not Just Another Story by Subhash Chandra -Review

Book Name         - Not Just Another Story
Author                  - Subhash Chandra
Publisher              - Lifi Publications 
Number of Pages -170
Publishing Year   - 2017
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     -225

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

The deep realities of life are bizarre. Coming face to face with the demons is a painful task for the writer as well as readers. It is like jointly facing the trouble and suffering the trauma. Not Just Another Story is an anthology of seventeen heartmelting , painful, yet close to heart stories.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spell of Tiger by SY Montgomery -Review

Book Name         - Spell of the Tiger
Author                  - SY Montgomery 
Publisher              - Rupa Publications
Number of Pages - 250
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  - Paperback 
Price                     -399

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Rating : 4.5

My Review
After reading Man eaters of Kumaon, I was wondering if ever I could lay my hands on any book which is as engrossing and appealing as that. But yea, Montgomery proved to the world that there is nothing as ultimate. There is always a chance for more.